Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kenandy ERP on the Salesforce.com Platform

I have been working on a very exciting ERP project.  I managed the first implementation of the Kenandy ERP for a large company.  Big Heart Pet Brands, the company that makes brands such as Milk Bone, Kibbles 'n Bits, Gravy Train, 9Lives, Meow Mix, Nature's Recipe, Natural Balance, and many more, is the first large company to go-live on Kenandy's cloud-based ERP solution.

Please note the disclaimer on this blog.  I would like to reiterate that this is a personal blog and the opinions in this blog are not meant to represent any company or brand that is mentioned in this blog.  I am only writing about my personal experience and my personal opinions.

Kenandy is an ERP that is built on the Force.com platform.  (www.kenandy.com)  It is one of only a few ERP solutions built on the Salesforce platform and I am very impressed with with this PaaS (Platform as a Service).

As many people already know, data created in a Force.com application can be "made available" to other applications in the same Org (company environment).  For example, if you create a customer record in the SF CRM application, that record can be utilized by a say a credit management application that a company may download from the Saleforce App Exchange.

Now think of this from an ERP perspective.  Master Data Management has long been a major thorn in the side of many companies that utilize different applications for different functions within their organization.  Traditionally, you would create the master data record in one system and copy it to other applications that need the same information.  This was originally done manually and later automatically via programs.  The manual effort was always error prone and the automatic solutions still require the data to be located in multiple databases where keeping them in sync has been challenging.

Salesforce has resolved this by allowing the record to be created once and be "utilized" by other applications on the same platform.  With Kenandy's ERP application on the Force.com platform, companies can create records in CRM and utilize them in the ERP sales order and billing processes.  The records are not copied from one application to another, they are simply made available to other applications on the platform.

They have gone even further than master data.  Any record can be shared, including transaction records.  Companies can utilize sales history data from the ERP in a Trade Promotions Management application as long as they are both on the Force.com platform.  This is amazingly powerful.  The efficiency gains of this architecture is incredible.

In my past, while working for companies on SAP, my main goal was to migrate as many applications as possible onto the NetWeaver platform.  It is always less expensive and more efficient to maintain applications that are built on the same platform.  Now as a consultant, striving to gain a lower TCO, and ultra high efficiency for my clients, I am still convinced (now more than ever) that it is a platform play.  The best way to gain efficiency, increase business velocity, and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is to migrate or build applications on a single platform.

Now, with Kenandy ERP experience on the Salesforce platform, I am in awe of the possibilities.  The data sharing / utilization for enterprise applications, in my opinion, is one of the best features of the Force.com platform.  


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